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The role of the nutritionist in eating disorders treatment is:

Just what can a nutritionist do for you?

The best eating disorders out-patient treatment is a team approach which includes a mental health therapist, a physician, and a nutritionist who specializes in eating disorders. The physician monitors the medical aspects, while the mental health therapist addresses the underlying issues.

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  • To work collaboratively with the physician and therapist

  • To address the eating and the eating disordered behaviors (the restriction of food, bingeing, purging)

  • To explore the circumstances that surround these behaviors, helping the client identify situations that either foster or deter healthy behaviors

  • To challenge the thought process that underlies the eating disordered behavior (for example, "I will gain 5 lb. if I eat that piece of cake")

  • To normalize eating through a step-wise process, with support and reassessment throughout the process.

Nutritionist and patient