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The Intuitive Approach to weight loss is the recommended treatment for emotional overeaters, yo-yo dieters, for children and adolescents who are gaining weight too rapidly. Traditional dieting can feel restrictive, resulting in feelings of deprivation, ultimately disrupting your natural relationship with food.


Do you feel like you are always on a diet? Let Ann introduce you to the Intuitive Approach, which will get you back to nature's intended way of eating the right amount. Through strategies of mindful eating and attention to hunger and fullness levels, clients are guided to weight loss and return to normal eating.

Signs of Emotional Overeating

The Intuitive Approach for Emotional Overeating

Emotional overeating occurs in response to stress, anger, or other strong emotions.  More subtle are the cases when food or overeating is used to calm generalized anxiety, provide reward at the end of the day, or when overeating is used as a form of rebellion when one feels pressure to lose weight.  


If you are a "yo-yo dieter" and have been on many diets (lost and gained weight many times), you may truly benefit from the Intuitive Approach to weight loss.  

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