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Guidance for Parents of Picky Eaters:


Nutrition Counselling for Adolescents and Children

If you are the parent of a child or adolescent who has gained an excessive amount of weight, you will want to limit further weight gain and nurture your child in a way to foster good lifetime eating behavior.  Traditional diets that either eliminate types of foods or rely upon a certain number of calories, disregarding hunger, can lead to a sense of deprivation that could set up lifelong problems with food and weight.  


Nagging your child or adolescent about "what" and "how much" to eat is rarely effective, and may actually drive the very behavior you hope to change. The safest approach for children and adolescents is the Intuitive Approach provided by an outside professional.

  • Tips for avoiding mealtime power struggles with toddlers

  • Methods to incorporate foods of different tastes and textures for the child who doesn't like to try new foods

  • Making the picky eater's diet as healthful as possible without creating more resistance

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